What our volunteers mean to BARK

Our volunteer team is the most valued resource we have here at BARK.  The passion and dedication that all of our volunteers offer enables BARK to function effectively and efficiently on a daily basis, from administration duties to delivering education sessions in our local communities.
The investment of time from our volunteers is a demonstration of social commitment and community endorsement, supporting the canine safety and welfare messages that BARK delivers to your local pre-schools, schools and community groups.

What volunteering could give YOU

Volunteering can be enriching both personally and professionally.  Volunteering can:

  • be emotionally rewarding
  • provide valuable work experience
  • develop drive and motivation
  • improve self-esteem and confidence
  • help to network with like-minded people

Become a BARK volunteer

BARK is a community effort, and there are voluntary opportunities available for research and planning, networking, administration and accounting, and of course handler and dog volunteer teams to provide education and awareness sessions.

As volunteers can/will be interacting with children, BARK NZ requires all volunteers to complete an application form and Ministry of Justice criminal history check form.  Download the forms here:

Volunteer application form

MoJ Criminal Records

Fill in the forms, or call, text message or email today to discuss how you can contribute to your community as a BARK representative.

Meet the Bark Buddies here