Describe and demonstrate safe ways to behave when approaching or being approached by a dog

Describe and demonstrate safe ways to behave when around dogs

Identify and discuss warning signs for different situations and environments

BARK focuses on five key competencies:

1. Managing self
2. Using language, symbols and texts
3. Thinking
4. Relating to others
5. Participating and contributing

Education is an on-going process and BARK believes that learning should be enforced through repetition. We can work with you to determine the frequency of continued learning that is right for your needs.

Animal-assisted Education
BARK NZ empowers children through animal assisted education to feel confident and be safe around dogs.  We give children hands-on experience and tools to help prevent unnecessary dog-related injuries.  Using various resources such as stories, role playing, games, reviews and discussions, we provide interactive lesson plans to promote understanding, compassion and respect.

Dogwise Kiwi Kids (dog safety)
Dogwise Kiwi Kids is BARK’s flagship programme and since 2012 has been delivered to thousands of children in schools and early childhood facilities within New Zealand. The programme describes and demonstrates safe ways to behave when around dogs and when approaching or being approached by a dog, as well as what the warning signs are for different situations and environments. Available to class groups, school assemblies, specialised groups or community groups to support topic discussions or group objectives.

Tales with Tails
Tales with Tails is our one-to-one reading program where the child will read to the dog.  The dog is non-judgemental and non-critical, and the experience helps promote confidence in reading and improve literacy skills.

New Pet Integration
Bringing a new puppy or dog home can be both exciting and overwhelming.  If you need some in-home support to ease the transition for your family, we have the tools.